Radiate Your Presence

The Experience

At Sōl City Yoga, our primary goal is to ​provide impactful yoga and mindfulness ​experiences that nourish and radiate the ​mind, body, and spirit. Our classes are ​sequenced to be beginner-friendly with ​options to progress every step of the way.

Our core values:

Integrity, empowerment, diversity, vitality, ​and social impact are the foundation of our ​mission – to inspire conscious leadership, ​health, and happiness through the practice ​of yoga, breathwork, sound and silence.

What We Offer

Weekly Classes

We offer weekly Trauma ​Informed Yoga, Vinyasa ​Yoga, and Yin Yoga classes ​in the heart of NYC. Our ​classes are suitable for ​students of all levels.

Come join our community ​of yogis and learn a ​practice that supports you ​from the inside out!

Private Yoga

Want to take your yoga ​practice to the next level?

Elevate your practice with ​a one-on-one session, ​customized to meet your ​unique physical, spiritual ​or energetic goals and ​aspirations.

Workplace Wellness

Looking for ways to improve ​your employees' well-being ​and productivity? Consider ​treating them to a nourishing ​yoga experience.

Our team of experienced ​instructors will guide your ​team through yoga, ​breathwork, meditation, and ​sound bath experiences, ​either on-site or off-site.

Yoga for grades 6-12

Help students reduce stress, ​improve focus, concentration ​while cultivating a deeper ​sense of self-awareness.

We currently offer curated ​Chair yoga and vinyasa yoga ​classes tailored to the unique ​needs and interests of students ​and teachers in grades K-12.

Class Rates & Packages

Drop -in | $30

5 Classes | $125 ($25 Per Class)

10 Classes | $200 ($20 Per Class)

20 Classes | $300 ($15 Per Class)

Monthly Membership | $150

Annual Membership | $1620

New Student Special | 3 for $45

Please note:

All class packages expire 3 months from the date of purchase. Our New Student Special expires in 21 days from date of first class ​booked. Private sessions / Auto-renew memberships require a card on file and may be canceled by emailing info@solcityyoga.com with ​at least one week of notice before your next scheduled session or renewal date.

Private Wellness Events Rates & Packages

Single Session + Refreshments

$1,000 / Hour

1 Class Per Week + Refreshments

3 Months | $725 Per Session ($2900/ Month)

6 Months | $700 Per Session ($2800/Month)

12 Months | $675 Per Session ($2700/ Month)

2 Class Per Week + Refreshments

3 Months | $700 Per Session ($5600 / Month)

6 Months | $675 Per Session ($5400/Month)

12 Months | $650 Per Session ($5200 / Month)

Sōl City Yoga offers team-building wellness retreats all year round that prioritize collective well-being ​through yoga, meditation, sound baths, nourishing refreshments and nature.

To book a wellness retreat for your team, email: Info@solcityyoga.com

Sparked by Sōl City Yoga

Together we can deliver an exceptional yoga, mindfulness and SEL experience

to Kindergarten - 12th graders in inner-city schools.

Sōl City Yoga is a licensed DOE vendor, since 2017 ​we've supported students, teachers, parents and ​admin with impactful yoga and mindfulness classes,

programs and events.

Our goal with Sōl City Youth is to inspire wellness, ​mindfulness and concious self care through creative ​expression and yoga-based programming. Through ​our wellness program we can encourage and supprot ​students with the tools and practices for healthy ​stress management, self-regulation, confidence, ​empowerment, concious leadership and resilience.

To bring Sōl City Yoga to your students, contact us at:


Together, we can provide an exceptional yoga and ​mindfulness program to New York City’s inner-city ​youth,