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Tiraya Conyers


Tiraya is an E-RYT 500, Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist, NASM ​CPT and Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider, based in New ​York City. She was born and raised in The Bronx and teaches yoga in ​schools, corporate and community spaces all year long. She has a ​passion for helping people maximize their potential through holistic ​wellness practices such as yoga, meditation and creative expression ​and is passionate about youth empowerment, personal development​, self-discovery, holistic health, hap​p​iness & spiritual growth.

Tiraya also helps other yoga instructors ho​ne their skills and unique gifts through continuing education. Asid​e from teaching, mentoring or learning she also enjoys celebrating h​olidays and birthdays with loved ones, beaches and just about ​all group fitness classes!

Past & Current Clientele:

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“I’m so grateful for Tiraya, my Yoga Guru! ​She has created space for healing, ​creativity and freedom through yoga and ​meditation! Mind, Body, Faith and Healing ​using Yoga as the vessel. Thank You again ​for being a source of Love, Healing, Joy and ​Fitness!”

Tarvatta S.

LCSW, Bellvue Hospital

“Tiraya is an amazing instructor, as a first ​time yogi- she made me feel welcomed and ​made me tap into my own power and ​confidence. The space feels safe and ​welcoming and she helps along the way. ​When the class is finished you carry on ​that power and gratitude through the rest ​of your week.”

Michelle D.

DOE Educator

“Sōl City provided our staff an amazing day ​time relaxation event. Our instructor Tiraya ​Conyers knew exactly what we needed & ​delivered an amazing event. She set the ​atmosphere with scented candles, music, ​snacks and beverages. It was truly amazing.”

Kimberley B.

The Brennan Center for Justice

“Sōl City Yoga is a full experience of mind, ​body, and soul. Tiraya is a wonderful instructor ​who teaches you to listen to your body. She ​knows how to get you to challenge yourself. ​One breath, one move and move on exhale are ​two mantras that I apply to my everyday life. If ​you have been wondering about yoga, she will ​be an excellent guide to start your journey. If ​you are more seasoned, you will grow with her ​as a yogi. I can't recommend her enough!”

Kai-Ti Kao

The Guggenheim

“It’s always a great time connecting the ​breath to movement with Tiraya Sōl. Her ​classes are relaxing yet energizing. Good ​vibes, good energy and good music. ​Favorite Yoga Instructor hands down. Her ​passion, love and expertise is ​demonstrated in every class.”

Jillian R.

Graham Windham BEACON

“Tiraya is amazing! The trauma informed ​yoga & somatics class was very soul fulfilling ​for me as a mom to a toddler with a busy ​schedule. Tiraya, made me feel comfortable ​and confident while doing yoga since I am ​just starting out my practice. At the end of ​our class we reflect, release through writing ​or drawing and share our reflections. Thank ​you Tiraya for holding space for me and ​hearing me out.”

Jenelly S.

Project Manager

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